Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ludeshka--the artist

I have a lot of artist friends, and I teach art, but I am more of a scribbler when it comes to putting things on paper. I am more of a "hands" person, making crafts, fabric art, sculptures, and that kind of thing. Of course, working with kids, it's mostly about getting glue on your hands and having fun with creation.

A friend of mine recommended Ludeshka when he heard I was looking for a cover artist for my book, and I thought her look was perfect for what I wanted--kind of a creepy, fun look. Check her out on Deviant Art and you can see why she's so cool. Apparently she is very big in her home country of Argentina but not well-known here. She deserves a big audience, which you can tell by looking at her work. She describes herself as a "military strategist wannabe." Not sure what that means but it sure makes me want to know more!

She's right now working on the second cover, and we hope to release it in early 2011, if I can get it finished by the end of the year. I really enjoy working with these characters and I hope you like the stories!


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